Fabio Moma

Country: Japan
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Modder Fabio Moma from Japan did an awesome Batman The Dark Knight themed casemod on the Core V51!
Feel free to contact us if you have any 3D question/issue.

Comments(4 )

  • Keith Spencer
    2017/2/1 上午 03:11:07
    When will this file be available to the public for 3D Printing, or will it be a prices to the public
  • Denis Shturkin
    2016/11/15 下午 12:26:21
    Where can i take file?
  • Denis Shturkin
    2016/11/15 下午 12:25:31
  • Denis Shturkin
    2016/11/14 下午 07:14:41
    Were can i take a file with it?
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