Mike Peteryns

Country: Belgium
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As you can see I will use a Core P5 case and MOD it with all the modding power I have! T I will make a custom mounting panel so I can choose where I want to mount the hardware and cooling component's. The panel will be lasercut with a very special design in but thats for later... Also I will make a custom top clear acrylic panel with routed cannels inside to connect the watercooling loop inside the acrylic panel !! Instead of using straight line pipes I will use the acrylic panel B) ....and that's a uniqeu for me !! To keep it short I will MOD every bit and byte in this project with Godness powers!! :rolleyes: ... So hope you will enjoy this Project as I do...SHUI SHEN!!
Feel free to contact us if you have any 3D question/issue.

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  • Michael Xu
    11/17/2016 2:26:47 AM
    can u share video how to build this case....
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