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Processor: Intel i5 6600k OC @ 4.6ghz
Motherboard: ASUS Maximus VIII Ranger Z170
Ram: Avexir Red Tesla 4x4gb OC @ 3200mhz
Gpu: ASUS Strix 970 DCUii
SSD: OCZ Trion 150 240gb
PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G 1200w Platinum
Case: Thermaltake Suppressor F31 Mid Tower

Water Cooling:

CPU Block: Thermaltake Pacific W2 CPU Water Block
GPU Block: Thermaltake Pacific V-GTX 970 V2(ASUS STRIX-GTX970)
Reservoir: Thermaltake Pacific T22 Reservoir
Fittings: Thermaltake Pacific G1/4 PETG Tube 5/8” (16mm) OD Adapter – Black,
Thermaltake Pacific G1/4 90 Degree Adapter – Black,
Thermaltake Pacific G1/4 45 Degree Adapter – Black
Pump: Thermaltake Pacific P1 Black D5 Pump w/ Silent Kit
Radiator: Thermaltake Pacific RL360 Radiator
Fans: Thermaltake Riings White 120mm
Tube: Thermaltake V-Tubler PETG Tube 5000mm (4 pack)
Feel free to contact us if you have any 3D question/issue.

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