Rise to the challenge of 3D Printing Industry

Thermaltake is intended to build an innovative brand by incorporating with “Maker Movement” ideas. Thus, we offer a 3D printing platform for anyone who loves “DIY” and “Modding” to discuss and share the innovation and creation of customized case components and accessories.

“Join the Green Side”

When talking about the 3D printing, also as additive manufacturing (AM), it’s said that the waste created less since the goods are made in much smaller batches. Also, 3D printing process makes more efficient use of raw materials (places raw material only where it's needed). Thermaltake is longing to make great efforts on creating an eco-friendly environment.

Thermaltake is aware of our social responsibility and continuously helps users save energy, reduce CO2 emissions and eventually protect the environment by developing the new Smart Power Management Platform (SPM). SPM is a cloud computing platform that tracks and analyzes PC electricity consumption, allows user to observe and learn their own energy consumption whereby alter their behaviour to achieve the goal of reducing CO2 emission together to contribute on slowing global warming.

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