Rise to the challenge of 3D Printing Industry

Thermaltake is intended to build an innovative brand by incorporating with “Maker Movement” ideas. Thus, we offer a 3D printing platform for anyone who loves “DIY” and “Modding” to discuss and share the innovation and creation of customized case components and accessories.

“Give & Take”

Based on the concept of sharing economy, Thermaltake Technology is intended to create a community that people are able to download and share their own innovation, also includes activity of value sharing co-operatives. They can find someone who has common interests to communicate and exchange information.

Gathering the emergence of ideas and creative expression is the heart of the 3D maker microsite, Thermaltake would love all the people get involved and play an important role as creator, collaborator, producer, and distributors at the same time. 3D printing offers a more local production of goods, shortening supply chains and increasing efficiency and access.

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